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Boylan, Aaron III

Boylan, Aaron III

Submitted by John Boylan on Fri, 10/14/2011 - 13:32
Boylan, Aaron III Photo 2 ThompsonBoylan, Sarah
Born 07 Oct 1784 in Redstone, Fayette County, Pennsylvania; died 03 Jan 1871 in Deer Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Aaron and Sarah McDade Boylan. Married Sarah Thompson 20 Dec 1809 in Waterford, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Sarah was born 09 Nov 1792 and died 24 Feb 1862 in Deer Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Abel K. and Jemima Kemp Thompson of Erie County.
Aaron migrated from Fayette County to Mercer County with his family at an early age. Family records indicate the year was around 1799-1800, which would make Aaron about fifteen years of age. According to family records, he was a veteran of the War of 1812.1 He received a half-share of the family farm in Mercer County upon the death of his father. He was a farmer and basket maker; he and Sarah had sixteen children.
Aaron and Sarah were buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.
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Do you know if there are different spellings for this name such as:
Bowland, Boland, Bolen?

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